• Carbon fiber bow tie

How it works

  • Rocket Science

    Industrial grade carbon fiber gets manufactured into rocket parts at California's top aerospace companies.

  • The Carbon Cycle

    The excess carbon fiber is sent to our Los Angeles shop to be remanufactured into the Carbon Cravat.

  • Liftoff

    The Carbon Cravat is assembled, packaged, and shipped straight to your door in a custom-branded gift box. 

  • Carbon fiber bow tie


Which aerospace companies do you get your carbon fiber from?

We get our carbon fiber from a variety of California-based aerospace companies but for legal reasons are not allowed to publicly acknowledge which specific ones provide our carbon fiber (but we can promise you they're doing cool stuff). 

Will it fit my neck?

Yes! Our ties have adjustable straps that fit almost every neck size (13-18”). If you’re not sure of the neck size you need, don’t worry, in the thousands of wooden bow ties we’ve sold with the same neck strap, we’ve only had to make two size exceptions. If it doesn’t fit, we will always replace it.

What does the packaging look like?

Every Carbon Cravat tie comes packaged in a custom-branded box that is perfect for gifting as well as storing.